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Rev. Gabriella welcomes you to visit the pages on this website. Visit often and leave a reply.

Since my move back to Georgia, I signed unto  Thumbtack, a consumer service website. I am a wedding officiate, premarital counselor and spiritual counselor.

Lately, requests for weddings are numerous. I believe Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day are the most requested times for weddings.

Of all my tasks as a minister officiating weddings is the most joy filled.


Rev Gabriella



Sharon W.
21d ago

Rev Gabriella is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. She made my wedding day so special! She is very professional, a great communicator and tries to make sure your wedding will be exactly what you want. Highly recommend!

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Circle Community

  1. REV. Judith

    Circles are continuous..a spiral if you will. Welcome home to bigger and better things, a nest of Love that nurtures you. My yoga teacher Gurumayi said it is a gift of Grace to be allowed to dwell in the Desert.
    The desert does not admit many. It seems so empty when one is not familiar with it, yet when sitting quietly in openeyed meditation you can hear, see and experience the Gift of Peace from God, the beauty and the wonderful creatures that dwell there. What a Blessing for you both!!
    With Love and appreciation, Jae

  2. Rev. Dr. Sky Paradise

    Welcome Home Gabriella and John…May you be blessed with Divine love and wisdom in your work.

  3. REV. Judith

    I Love this Quote from Keating….hope you do too.
    “One final word of caution is in order, while we may talk of the Divine Plan,
    and outline the stages of the spiritual journey as presented by the great teachers
    of our Christian tradition, the only thing we can be absolutely sure of in the spiritual
    journey is that whatever we are expecting to happen will not happen. God is not bound
    by our ideas. One way or the other we will have to take the leap of trust into the unknown. The spiritual journey is a trip into the unknown and as long as we are trying
    to program it we are on the wrong road. We may be running well, as St. Augustine says,
    but on the wrong road, and that is what is so hard to let go of, that is what surrender is. It
    is one thing to be open to God, that’s a great place, but to surrender one’s self totally to God is a lot more …is something else and it always involves letting go of our ideas and not knowing where we are being led.”

    Quote by Fr. Thomas Keating, in his book “Invitation to Love.”

    1. Elbert Smith

      From a Buddhist perspective, I think, the “program” of “letting go” cannot be, like, just another contemporary-speak, vain, non-surrender surrender either. In other words, we shouldn’t try to lead the Spirit but must FOLLOW the Spirit. So jumping to the “Oh, somebody said I should surrender to God (now)” recipe before playing out the “be yourself” naturally “card”; could be just another premature “dead-end road” to true spirituality I think. [If you don’t “get my drift”, never mind. Just saying.]

  4. Rev. Ken Turley

    Rev. Gabriella, beautiful site and beautiful ministry. Blessings to you and John.
    PS Even though the Lord is the source of all good and truth and, as we open the door to our hearts and minds in invitation, guides and directs our efforts, we must still “act as if” and take responsibility for our choices, goals and direction.


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