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Keeping ourselves, friends family and our coworkers safe from the Covid-19 virus is of paramount importance in my workplace and for my family. We of course wear masks when out of our office space  or when shopping and out in the public.  We try to maintain social distancing.  Millions of people across the country may have similar experiences and perhaps also long for the carfree times befor the pandemic. I am particularly grateful to my company for establishing  strict guidelines keeping with CDC recommendations.

Walking for me is a deeply spiritual practice.

I pray as I walk and often feel a sense of over whelming gratitude for the beauty of the clouds floating accross the blue sky, birds singing and the smell of pine needles. I continue to offer Life Coaching, howevere, I aam not longer affiliated with Thumbtack. Since the pandemic, I encourage everyone to comply with CDC guidelines.  http://cdc.gov/coronovirus

This Christmas is like no other. My family was not be together at Christmas time. The one tradition we kept was going to the Atlanta Botanical Garden Holiday Lighting. We were together, albeit wearing masks. We walked  in awe of the beautiful lightng displays and delighted in the dancing musical


Atlanta Botanical Garden Holiday Lights 2020

It is a new year and new beginnings, yet, many of us struggle with the same issues related to living with the pandemic and the divisons that sepaprate people.

I amgrateful for every moment when I encounter something beautiful whether it is in an act of kndness, inspiring words of an author I am reading or the sheer beauty of the full moon on a wintery night.

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