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Life is slowly returning to a new normal but warnings about how we can safely return to our jobs, to school to be reutnited, in person with friends and family.  For some people, life remains difficult but for many, life has taken on new meanig. I am in that latter group of people. I am grateful for each day, for spring blossoms that turned into lush green foilage and some fruits are are peeking through the foilage. Recently I saw little green apples on a tree close to the street. Bumblebees are buzzing on the daises that survived the winter. 

Walking for me is a deeply spiritual practice.I walk early in the morning to avoid the heat.

I pray as I walk and often feel a sense of over whelming gratitude for the beauty of the clouds floating accross the blue sky, birds singing and the smell of gardenias.

I continue to offer Life Coaching, meditation and support groups however, I am no longer affiliated with Thumbtack. 

Summer Solctice is almost here. Buttrflies are returnung to the lantanas. I amgrateful for every moment when I encounter something beautiful whether it is in an act of kndness, inspiring words of an author I am reading or the sheer joy of seeing fireflies in the twilight. Search for joy this summer and sahre what gave you joy.

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