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Since my return to Georgia I’ve been listed as a wedding officiant and spiritual director, the two services I offer through this webise and on Thumbtack, a consumer service website. The world you and I knew just weeks ago is gone, nothing is the same since the novel Corona Virus has erupted in nearly every country accross the globe. Out lives are changed forever. As with you dear reader, so it has with me. I work from home at Skyland Trail three days a week, I no longer see clients or Team members face to face. We at Skyland Trail take social distancing very seriously. Our group and Team meetings are all on ZOOM now.  I noticed a deep sense of loss come over me as I work from my computer and phone at home. I miss seeing my office mate, Team mates and clients face to face.

One of my losses is that I am not doing weddings  at this time, though of all my tasks officiating weddings gives me the most joy.  Another loss is not making in person visits, just phone visits with patients as chaplain with Passionate Care Hospice. My activities are severly restricted. The one thing that continues to delight me is walking in my neighberhood.

I watched the deffodislls blossom spreading cheer as the flowers danced in the breeze in nearly every yard including the few bulbs I planted in December.

Now, In late March the trees are greening and the dogwoods are blooming a special joy for Gerogians.

Sadly, the Dogwood Festival is cancelled along with many other outdoor festivites.

Amidst the suffering and sadness so many people are experiencing there is the eternal promise of life renewing itself. On my walk this morning, I saw a glimpse of the sunrise peeking through the greening tree branches through the clouds. In a week, the limbs will  have new green appearal hiding the sunrise from my view. But today, I saw the glow of the rising sun. I am very grateful for the moments of of beauty and promise of hope as each new day arrives.




Sharon W.
21d ago

Rev Gabriella is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. She made my wedding day so special! She is very professional, a great communicator and tries to make sure your wedding will be exactly what you want. Highly recommend!

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