The leap of faith

The Leap of faith
All of us know about the proverbial leap of faith. We may know friends or a relative who began an enterprise that seemed illogical, even absurd given their particular circumstances, yet they forged ahead doing with what seemed an unrealistic choice. If the results were disappointing or the attempt proved a failure, we may have wondered, “What were they thinking”. Living spiritually is a different kind of leap into uncharted un-mapped territory. It is daily exercising “leaps of faith”. Trusting an inward leading rather than the evidence of sense and reason is believed by many to be an irrational process. It makes sense, they say, to trusts in observable evidence, logical and reasonable conclusions. For most of us the goal of life is to be happy, content and at peace. Given our present culture, economic and environmental realities challenge attaining those goals. This may be a good time for you to take the “My Goals” survey.
My LIfe Goals Survey

Many self-help guides, spiritual gurus and sacred texts assure us that happiness is not a destination but a byproduct of a life: a life of caring for others’ happiness, shrinking from doing harm to anyone. Emanuel Swedenborg the Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian and revelator for many, a Christian mystic defines happiness as an interior joy flowing from God into the inmost parts of men and women who seek the happiness of others and choose serving their needs over self-service. Such a life is leap of faith and the grand scale. Happiness does not always follow in the wake of many daily life-choices even when grounded in good intentions. In fact a leap of faith, may lead to many hard landings but it is the surest way to an intimate relationship with the divine. A leap of faith is s deep trust in the creator underneath and ahead of you, like a mountain road that disappears in the curve.

The unseen road

Trusting the road ahead

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