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My response to the Covid-19 pandemic gained new momentum in recent weeks.

I continue to lead meditation and spiritual counseling groups at my work place, though only remotely. I am grateful for being able to continue to work and receive compensation. but, I began to feel an urgency to offer these courses to individuals who are looking for guidance, empowerment and encouragement and perhaps seek spiritual companionship during these times when many of us are isolated.

In the past months, I have taken several on-line courses and began to offer them through Thumbtack.com, where customers may find skilled pros for events, home services, and much more. Until May, I was listed as a Wedding Officiant and Spiritual Counselor. Since my recent accreditations, I offer Transformational Life Coaching, Mindfulness and Meditation sessions on my Zoom platform. I refuse to engage in magical thinking, a habit we may  believe and even promote in children calling it sweet and innocent such as the belief in Santa Claus, but for me, the current global crisis is real and there are no credible signs that life will return to normal in any predictable time frame. Magical thinking is to believe that more testing, more masks, PPEs, supplies more stimulus checks will get the economy back on track and we can return to our lives as it was before the pandemic. I believe in The_Power_of_Positive_Thinking.
But that does not stop me from observing the reality. I embarked on a new course. Using my newly acquired accreditations and leaning on my personal experiences I am offering individual sessions using the Zoom platform. I believe some

Mindfulness Practitioner

people may benefit from receiving life coaching. It may  assist an individual to move from stagnation to growth. Mindfulness is a hot topic these days. I offer not only my knowledge but share the benefits I gained over the years as a mindfulness practitioner and meditator.  These courses are offered  on http://Thumbtack.com.

I continue as a wedding officiant but, in the past months I practice and encourage couples to comply with CDC guidelines for keeping safe. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/daily-life-coping/index.html




Sharon W.
21d ago

Rev Gabriella is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. She made my wedding day so special! She is very professional, a great communicator and tries to make sure your wedding will be exactly what you want. Highly recommend!

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