Circle Community is Changing & Renewing

My recent, loss shattered my sense of who  ”I” am, how life works and what I am doing with my life. It has effectively emptied all my illusions of certainty. I am no longer living in the emotional spiritual spaces of grieving. Now I see the world  through a different lens – the lens of a widow. The sharp edges of grieving have softened.

20140907_133125_Android 1 (2)I started Circle Community in 2010 with my partner John’s financial and emotional support.  He was always at my side encouraging and supporting my efforts to minister to friends, conducting Taize worship and workshops.  Circle Community is  an accepted  ministry  of the Swedenborgian Church of North America since 2013.  I am very grateful for the  support I receive for maintaining this website. Without such support Circle Community would have become inactive.

vcm_s_kf_repr_834x624New Beginnings in July 2015

Almost a year ago, I came to Pretty Prairie KS to become  pastor to the New Jerusalem Church and also served the Church of the New Jerusalem in Pawnee Rock, KS. During the past year, Surrounded by caring congregations and a wonderful supportive community, I am healing. A contract year is ending and for me, and a new beginning starts in Atlanta, GA. Circle Community once again become an active ministry.  I will provide interfaith services, officiate at weddings, memorial services, baptisms  and offer spiritual direction, pastoral counseling, hospital visits upon request.  20150607_091508


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