Circle Community is changing

My recent, loss shattered my sense of who  ”I” am, how life works and what I am doing with my life. It has effectively emptied all my illusions of certainty. I am still living in the spaces before my loss, but suddenly I see myself and the world around me through a totally different lens – the lens of “my husband died”.

Gabriella & John

I am no longer theorizing about life’s weighty questions. No matter how knowledgeable I am about the grieving process, losing my life partner of 46 years has devastating consequences in all areas of my life. Whereas before I accompanied people in their journey of grief, now I am walking that path myself.

I started Circle Community in 2010 with my partner John’s financial and emotional support.  He was always at my side encouraging and supporting my efforts to minister to friends, conduct Taize worship and workshops. All aspects of my life are undergoing revision including Circle Community.  Accepted as a ministry in 2013 by  the Swedeborgian Church of North America it receives some compensation for maintaining this website. I am grateful for that support because without it,  Community would become inactive. Gabriella & John 11/2013


Rev. Gabriella

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