Winter: a time for reflection

“The winter solstice marks the onset of winter, it is the shortest day. The winter solstice falls on 21 December each year, when the day is shortest and the night is longest. The day is celebrated across the globe as a symbol of the Earth’s rebirth, the changing seasons and the changing of crops.”

Frederick Lenz

The cold breeze whipping into my coat urged me to walk faster on a forsty day in winter, but cold or not I walked early in the morning to see the sunrise. I love walking in my neighberhood early in the morning when few cars are on the road. Winter is papalable most mornings on my walks. Some days this past month I shortened my walk due to the cold wind. Some morning though, the sunrises were magnificent.

After my walk, I had time to reflect on the past months and the changes in my life. I had foot surgery in Novemeber, For several weeks I could not walk. Those weeks, I had plenty of time to reflect on the things I am grateful for. I returned to walking after several weeks of therapy. Gratitude washed over me the first day I returned to walking.

New Year for many of us urges reflection and setting new goals. My first goal is to take training courses in meditation, one course I completed last year but there are many courses on meditation I wish to take. Reading books I purchased is my second goal. I am holding myself accountable for working on these goals. Now, the middle of January, I am progressing in both my goals. An ongoing goal is meditation at least twice a day and more during the weekend.

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