“Be a Blessing”

Be a Blessing

Discovering our talents and learning how to use them takes up most of our life. Often, we discover new gifts in the second half of our lives. These gifs are often different from the skills perfected during our careers. Many of us are still trying to discover talents that went hidden while we pursued career goals and achievements. We perfected job skills and learned to juggle work and family responsibilities. A health crisis often changes everything. Old ways of being must give way to new self-discoveries.

Take for example Grandma Moses, who admitted she would have done anything to keep herself busy, lucky for us, at age 77, she turned to painting. She may not have discovered her gift but others did. Thankfully for us, debilitating arthritis caused her to turn to paining. Millions of tasks performed for family and friends are unrecorded, but her paintings continue to be a blessing for generations to come. See more of Grandma Moses

For many artists creativity emerges late in life. A longtime friend and supporter of Circle Community, Linda Shearer paints because it gives her joy. In Chinese Brush Paintings Linda captures timeless beauty. Linda Shearer's Chinese Brush Painting

Shirley Leighton, a friend and regular Circle Community participant began writing poetry many years ago, but at this stage of her life, her poems reflect a new self-discovery. She sees blessings everywhere. Her poetry is full of gratitude. Her poems testify of blessings everywhere.

Feels like love –
Love overflowing –
Changing me
Opening locked doors
Earlier closed….
Unblocked energy
Allows for good’s flow
Into Every phase of my being
In every form
Enjoyed by humans.
The smile in my heart
Bends me in humility
Bursting over into dance –
This must be heaven…
~ Shirley Leighton ~

Rev. Frank Rose, another long time friend, a retired pastor now preaches with a camera and paintbrush. His watercolors and photographs of wild flowers are blessings to wild flowers everywhere. His paintings are a joy to behold. Count me as a member of his fan club. Frank Rose Mountain Wildflower Portraits

Discover your gifts, be a blessing!

Hibiscus Red

Chinese Brush Painting

Linda Shearer

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