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The world you and I knew just weeks ago is gone, nothing is the same since the novel Corona Virus has erupted in nearly every country accross the globe. Out lives are changed forever. Again, our society is wrecked with sadness and rage over the violence and brutal actions of police officers. As with you, dear reader, so it is with me I am deeply saddened and feel the need for prayer in solidarity with Americans so unjustly killed on our streets. At this moment I need to pause.

I am more in-tuned with the great spiritual teachers through daily meditations. I am inspired and inwardly at peace practicing solace the Loving Kindness Meditation, morning and evening meditations that re essentially prayers.

On of the teachers said it best, “Spiritual opening is not a withdrawal to some imagined realm or safe cave.  It is not a pulling away, but a touching of all the experience of life with wisdom and with a heart of kindness, without any separation.” Jack Cornfield  https://jackkornfield.com

I allow the sadness sweep over me but, I arise from it. I have work to do.  As a chaplain, I cannot visit patients and their families, I make phone visits.  My activities are severly restricted. The one thing that continues to delight me is walking in my neighberhood.

Now, in June, the trees are lush green, drenched by summer storms. The flowers in my patio garden are thriving. Bumblebees and and occasionally humming birds fly in for a feast.

As I am writing, I spied on this bumblebee delighting on the daisy flower.

Amidst the suffering and sadness so many people are experiencing I search for signs of the eternal promise of life renewing itself. This morning, The air was heavy with the smell gardenias and the lawns soaked with rain from the previous night’s storm. A heavy mist hung over the tree tops as the sun began to shine through the branches. It was truly a mystical experience walking on the empty street just after sunrise with the birds chorus accompanying me. I am very grateful for these moments of beauty and promise of hope as each new day arrives.

In the past months, I gained the commute time I use to have each work day. I enrolled in several web-based courses and recently became certified in Mindfulness Practitioner Teacher, Meditation and Transformation Life Coaching. I offer these courses using the Zoom platform on http://Thumbtack.com.




Sharon W.
21d ago

Rev Gabriella is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. She made my wedding day so special! She is very professional, a great communicator and tries to make sure your wedding will be exactly what you want. Highly recommend!

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